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Marion Morrison

Entrepreneurial Coach & Facilitator

Marion joins us on a freelance capacity to build our presence in the market and provide facilitation skills and coaching on a range of programmes. She is a Master Coach, Transformational Trainer, a lively licensed facilitator, and Motivational speaker. Her energy will fill a room, her smile will light up any darkness, and her encouragement will push you that extra step to get wherever you want to go.

She works across all ages, with pupils in education to achieve their dreams through goal setting and leadership training and with leaders around the world to achieve goals, dreams and co-create on projects. She has supported women around the globe to build small social enterprises, expertise in community empowerment and development, teaches parental empowerment courses, and delivering workshops for large corporations.   

Specializing in personal empowerment, time management, confidence building, self-leadership, active listening, and Invincible.


Marion leads with her heart to create fun loving, playful, professional relationships that thrive on being extremely effective. 

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