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The Benefits of Volunteering

When you hear volunteering, what do you immediately think of? Raising thousands of pounds to help third world countries or spending your weekends helping a local organisation? Yes, in some cases this is true and it's for a very good cause. But have you thought about the true benefits that YOU can reap from volunteering?

That feel good factor that you get after helping others isn’t all you receive when you volunteer. In fact, it can come in handy in all aspects of your life, especially when it comes to impressing an interviewer. Now we’re not telling you to go out and volunteer for the sake of improving your chances of getting a job. No, no , no... But what we are saying is contemplate how much free time you have, and how it could be valuable within a good cause. We’re so busy running around looking after number one, when really if you think about it, others may need your time more than you do. So, it might be feasible to free up one night a week or a night every couple of weeks to volunteer. Or maybe in fact you would like to visit a country desperately in need[1]. No matter what you might chose to do, it goes without saying that both you and the organisation will benefit!

To put things into perspective here’s some advantages of volunteering:

Improve Confidence and Self-esteem - Like we said, that feel good factor you can gain from volunteering is inevitable, right? Well how would you feel if we told you that volunteering can even boost your confidence? Volunteering can give you a sense of self-worth. You get to see your hard work pay off right in front of you! Why would you not feel great about that?

Gives back to the community – Volunteering is also a great way to give back to those around you. For individuals to be thinking about their community and helping to build it, shows that they have some great qualities within them. Likewise if you reiterate these ethics in the workplace, they can strengthen the social responsibility of the business, which is highly sought after by the market. It also shows employers that you are a team player and have an awareness of what is going on around you.

Meet likeminded individuals - As you know we're all about building that network! Who you choose to be around or socialise with, is so important when your trying to climb up the career ladder. Volunteering can introduce you to people who are on the same wavelength as you, or even just help you gain some new friends. Either way win, win. Plus socialising and building relationships is such a valuable skill to have, whether it's in your personal or professional life!

Gain skills and experience - Thinking about what skills you have can sometimes be a tricky one. However volunteering is not only a fantastic way to build your skills but it also gives you exposure to different experiences. Volunteering is a great way to character build and also learn about new things! Why don't you even volunteer in the industry that you want to work in or even one you're thinking about working in? For employers this shows that you are a committed individual that is dedicated to working hard and helping those around you. Perfect for work environments!

Do you think you're up for the challenge? We hope so.

Remember... Think different, be different!

For more information about volunteering in Glasgow or Scotland, click the links below:


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