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Life of an Intern

Using an internship role to provide valuable work experience as a stepping stone into the world of work is a great idea. Recently we talked to one of our graduates currently on our 3I Programme providing employability skills for graduates about his job with Renfrewshire Council. Come on down Robert!

1. How do your expectations of life after university compare with reality?

After university I expected to gain graduate employment fairly quickly and advance gradually within my chosen field, however in reality it has been a slow process. On the up side gaining an internship position within Renfrewshire Council has increased my confidence, improved my skills and allowed me to gain real work experience as well as making a difference to the lives of clients who are seeking work.

2. What is great about being an intern?

Presently I am carrying out a graduate internship role at Invest in Renfrewshire working with the Jobs Creation and Progression team. The great thing about being an intern is the chance to gain real work experience and responsibility. In addition taking part in the Clearview Minds Programme was invaluable. The programme is an excellent way to gain further understanding of the different techniques and processes used within recruitment. Within my internship role I am able to use resources from the course to help clients for example with CV structure, cover letters and interview preparation. Furthermore I get to make a positive difference in the lives of unemployed people in Renfrewshire, which is a great feeling.

3. What is your role and your responsibilities in three lines?

My current role involves supporting young unemployed clients to compete effectively for vacancies by assisting them to create CVs, prepare job applications and speculative letters. Furthermore I also provide general administrative assistance to the Job Creation and Progressions Team.

4. What support and opportunities do you get for development?

I meet on a monthly basis with my line manager to discuss my progress and opportunities where I can develop my pre existing skills. The role allows me to carry out pieces of project work which adds real research value for the Job Creation and Progressions team. In addition I have the opportunity to assist staff members in carrying out sector based work academies.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

I see myself in a post within the employability field where I am making a real difference to young people's lives. Hopefully taking on more additional responsibility and perhaps career progression within this area.

Some great thoughts don't you think? Thanks for your time Robert, why not give a graduate internship a try?.

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