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What labels do you have?

I was recently at a training event where we had to split into two gangs. We were given a number of resources as well as the instructions that we had to compete for as much floor space in the room. One team immediately took on, what some would perceive to be the 'gang' mentality, becoming aggressive, non-communicative and threatening. The other group shrugged off that persona and did the opposite sharing their own resources with the other gang, trying to negotiate for floor space whilst demonstrating great teamwork. A lot of thoughts came out for us all at the end of the exercise, which in turn, made me think of the concept of labelling.

When you consider the year you have had to date - what labels would you be known for?

- Helpful? Focused? Inflexible?

- Strong minded? Strategic? Loud?

- Under- confident? Organised? Emotional?

I am sure you can add a lot more to this list but consider this. What traits are working for you and what ones are holding you back?

Often people remember you for the experiences they had with you in the past and not perhaps what you are capable of doing now. As humans we tend to put things (including people) into categories so how do you keep people informed about how you are developing as your career progresses? What focus do you need to put into yourself to develop in the areas that are going to be right for your future career?

Use some time now, at the end of the year - when things are starting to quieten down a little to look at your labels, to shed a few and make up some new ones for the future.

We are here to help you on the way to make sure that your labels really truly represent what you can provide for yourself and others. Review our events pages to learn more about how to start that journey. Go on invest in the future.

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