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Life After University: A Graduates' View

Your time at university can be an exciting period of your life. Meeting new people, gaining new experiences and developing your knowledge and skills effectively sets you up for the future and whatever you choose to do once you’ve graduated! Working your socks off for 3 or 4 years can be a difficult and stressful task and more often than not, the pressure of finding a full-time graduate job only adds to an already demanding time. It’s important to remember that it’s all manageable, and there are a number of steps that you can take to ease some of the pressure!

My name is Bethan, and I began working with Clearview Minds two months ago as the new Digital Marketing Officer. I graduated from university last year and this is my first full time job within the big bad world of work. I studied Media and Communication and while I loved my time at uni, I also found it really stressful! I was surrounded by people that seemed to have their career aspirations mapped out from the word go and to be quite honest, I wasn’t entirely sure exactly what I wanted to be doing! In saying that, I knew that I wanted to work within the communications industry in some capacity or another and after a few months of relaxation after graduation, I began to apply for marketing and PR jobs! As a new graduate fresh from university, the job market seemed like a bit of a minefield and taking the next step towards full-time employment was a daunting prospect. Landing a full-time role related to your studies isn’t an easy task and I wasn’t 100% prepared for the rejection that would come along with it but looking back at my experiences has taught me a lot. Whether you’re still completing your studies, preparing to graduate or have already taken the next step, there are lots of different things you can do to help boost your opportunities!

1. Gain as much experience as you can! A recent study has found that two thirds of employers look to employ graduates with appropriate work experience [1]. Part-time jobs that you hold while you study help to develop and enhance key skills and abilities that will set you in good stead for full-time employment, whilst undertaking placements and opportunities related to your degree path will provide you with an insight and key understanding of your chosen industry!

2. Use the career services available at your university or college. If you’re in your final year of studies, the careers service is probably the last thing on your mind amidst the dissertation stress, but they’re a great source of information and support!

3. Research the industry that you’re interested in and find out more about the key players. This will give you a greater understanding of the opportunities out there and will help you nail that interview.

4. Internships are a great opportunity to put your existing skills and knowledge to the test in a professional environment that supports your development and encourages further learning - providing you with the opportunity to gain further experience within your chosen industry.

5. Stay positive! It’s important to remember that there’s no set path for success and while some people seem to know exactly where they’re heading, it’s okay to take your time!

The next few months are periods of change for students getting ready to leave college and university, but remember, with change comes the opportunity for new adventures so grab them with both hands! If you’re in the same position as I was last year, try not to worry too much and welcome changes with a warm smile – you'll get where you’re supposed to be!

The transition from college or university into the wider world of work can be a difficult process. If you feel that you’d like more support with that transition, our Youth Employability programme could be for you! We help to support graduates taking their next step, ensuring that they can effectively promote themselves within the job market. For more information contact us on 01505 690093 or - we’d love to help!


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