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Life is a Journey

As I celebrated another year recently, I took some time out to contemplate what lessons I had

learned along the way. As you know I completed the 30-day challenge in May, ensuring I abstained from all refined sugars during this time. Whilst it was pretty difficult to do I surprised myself in my efforts – going all out to achieve it, which made me think about other ways I have counteracted barriers over the years.

People who know me well know about my hard work ethic and how I enjoy keeping busy, however

everyone can feel apathy at times. So, let me share my top three tips I have learned along the way.

That Monday Morning Feeling

Particularly when I was younger (what does that say about me now?) Monday mornings, however enthusiastic I was about my job, were not as appealing as my weekend activities so how did I get back into a new week?

Tip: I used to make sure Mondays were always filled with appointments – I am genuinely interested in people and want to help them reach their goals so very quickly forgot it was a Monday through focusing on others

Facing Rejection

Every business owner will face rejection, every salesperson will face rejection but how do we handle it?

Tip: I focus on what I can learn from the experience, ask for more information as to why they have said no and keep in touch with new information. Thinking about others that have established a business successfully helps and seeking advice usually produces the results. It is never too late to learn, whatever your age.

Feeling Swamped

Every client is important to your business irrespective of the revenue they provide. How do you

juggle all the plates you need to, to meet all your clients’ requirements? I used to give myself

impossible deadlines just because I felt that was the right thing to do.

Tip: Understand expectations. Often we give ourselves those deadlines by putting time limits on ourselves rather than the client suggesting them. Whether it is your boss or a customer, understand fully first before making any suggestions.

To Conclude it's about remembering that people buy into what you can bring to the business, however realising that you are a human being too. Barriers are there to be erased but you need to keep yourself in a resourceful state to do so. Say no when you need to, to work that does not meet your criteria. Focus on the services you can excel in and share this with your clients. They will thank you for it and realise that customer service is not just a phrase but an intrinsic part of the work ethics you have.

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