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Race Contender or Run out of Steam?

With almost a third of graduates over educated for their jobs according to the BBC Business News and the Office for National Statistics we have to ask ourselves why? Recently we have been running a social media campaign looking to hire graduates in the Renfrewshire area for a combined employability and paid internship opportunity and feel as if we are flogging a dead horse (sorry for the pun!). Attendance at a local jobs fair did help the process however we are not the only business out there who is finding it hard to get graduates involved. Speaking to graduates, many are taking some time out to travel, lick their wounds having spent four years in intensive study or enjoy the familiarity and comfort of the wee part-time job that they have done whilst at uni. Why not just take in some extra hours for the next wee while and alleviate any stress? Before you know it you are then in a job and those graduate dreams are floating into the abyss. Others have embraced the world of work and applied to lots of jobs and have had little or no feedback. How long can you continue before you feel like an also ran? (sorry another pun!) The bottom line is that competition is tough and application volumes are high - with many companies working themselves with limited resources, often the caveat at the end of the application process is, 'if you don't hear from us in 6 weeks please assume that your application is unsuccessful'.

So, what can you do as a graduate to keep your momentum high?

1. Use your own contacts to find out about opportunities - don't put contacts into boxes, but consider who they could possibly know.

2. Find out about local voluntary opportunities through Volunteer Scotland - don't just assume it is just about working in a retail shop, there are some great opportunities out there!

3. Tap into the Careers Services available through your previous uni. Most universities offer this service for up to 2 years after you've left.

4. Send your details to Adopt an Intern who offer a great range of paid internships throughout Scotland. The staff at AAI are great to work with and can help you build your experience!

5. Check in with your local council - what initiatives do they have to support local graduates in finding work? For example Renfrewshire Council, in conjunction with Invest in Renfrewshire, offer a paid internship and support in a bespoke employability programme to help you gain vital work experience and find that ultimate permanent job.

So, what are you waiting for? You know you can do it - we know you can do it - get out of those starting gates and get into the race!

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