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Proactive Stress Management

As we finish off this week let’s ask ourselves how stressed have we been? Working with managers and business owners I hear many of the comments below time and time again.

• I don’t have time to show someone how to do it – I’ll just do it myself.

• I’m too busy to plan that far ahead!

• That person needs help, I need to help them now.

• I don’t have the money to invest in extra help.

• I like doing the admin it is easy to do.

But let’s stop and think for a moment – is this really making the best use of our time? Let's think this through further:

• Investing some time with someone now on tasks that need to be done regularly

takes time initially but in the long run saves us more.

• By having a well-planned diary not only keeps our minds focused on what we

need to achieve but also shows that we are well organised and efficient.

• To really help someone can take time. Schedule a time when it is mutually

convenient, not only can provide a better quality answer given you have

had time to deliberate, but also keeps us in a resourceful state. That person

(given it is not an urgent situation) will thank us in the long run.

• By investing some money on the menial tasks means that we can invest our

time with customers, developing our strategy, defining our goals which in turn

will add to our effectiveness.

• Whilst it is easy to do tasks such as admin, is it really efficient for us to do this?

Are we avoiding other tasks and procrastinating? Are we treading water

because we are out of our comfort zone and uneasy at the thought of sales –

think of it as helping someone solve a problem. Our product or service could

really provide the solution.

Think different and be different this year and take stress out of your week – for more help contact us and start that journey.

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