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Connecting Through Creativity

Tackling Loneliness Through Creative Connections

This week is #LonelenessAwareness week, and as a society, there has perhaps never been a more relevant time in decades to discuss feelings of isolation and disconnection, and how we can find positive pathways through this.

As a community experiencing the effects of a global pandemic and lockdown, many of us are experiencing the impact of loneliness on a new level and for the first time. Whilst challenging, this also offer us a unique perspective into how loneliness can impact our mental health and allows us to empathise for those vulnerable people in our communities who have experienced this on a deeper level for many years.

Many people are experiencing negative impacts on their mental health due to loneliness, but feel that their issues are not serious enough, and that there are barriers to receiving support. Worrying about our self and others, lack of connection and social isolation is impacting people to find more negative coping strategies like overeating or undereating and drinking alcohol to get through the crisis, strategies that may help in the short term, but lead to longer impacts on sleep, concentration, mental health and physical health.

So what are some more positive coping strategies for feelings of loneliness?


Whilst there are challenges to connecting with friends and family, there are many ways to connect remotely. There has been a rise in a sense of togetherness, as our community is experiencing similar negative effects of lockdown. Taking the time to connect with others provides an opportunity to collectively support one another and process feelings of isolation through supportive interactions.

A small act of kindness such as sending someone a card a message or picking up the phone, or simply smiling warmly at a passerby on a walk, can make someone’s day and offer a rewarding sense of connection to another human being. With many social groups going digital, there never has been a better time to join a new virtual group or take an online course.

Get Creative

We all have creativity embedded in our being. Creativity can be expressed in so many ways and engaging in creative activity allows us the chance to express emotions, process challenges and make sense of our world in ways that are not always easy to articulate verbally. Creative activity has shown to reduce stress and anxiety, lead to positive thinking and communication and provides a space for personal growth and inspiring others. During lockdown, there is a wide sense of disconnection and loneliness that creative activity can alleviate and provide a pathway to more positive ways of thinking and being.

Creative Writing

At Clearview Minds we understand the importance of creativity and connection during a challenging period of isolation. Why not try something new when you have some extra time on your hands and limited places to go? Our online creative writing course offers a chance to tap into your creative self and appreciate the skills of writing. We have found in our experience that even those that don’t think they have a creative bone in their body can write something meaningful and enjoy the process at the same time.

Fiction Fridays Book Club!

We are launching a new online book club Fiction Fridays.

This is completely FREE and a chance to connect online with like minded people that enjoy a range of eclectic books – from classics to the modern day novel.

Open to all adults and we will meet 7.30pm to 9pm once a month.

The idea to appreciate, learn, discuss, explore different books, have fun, and dive into some favourite readings, whilst sipping a glass of wine (or your choice of beverage!)

A list of books will be agreed at the start including favourite books that we want to share as well as new ones.

We will be publishing the link to join the group very soon. We hope you can join us!

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