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The 3I Think Different

Mind Programme

The 3I Programme of initiatives have been designed to support young adults from the age of 14 + from the schoolyard to the workplace. 3I (Impact, Initiative and Intelligence) helps participants gain an understanding of how to tap into their motivations, learn new strategies and be the best they can be to optimise their effectiveness in study. Our team of HR, training and youth development coaches bring a raft of skills to the table, focusing on the mind and processes to optimise performance.

What is involved in the Mind Programme?

  • Individual assessment of learning styles

  • Interactive sessions to allow you to understand yourself and what makes you tick

  • Understanding the importance of time, chunking up and chunking down

  • Optimisation of your brain power – how does it work?

  • Tapping into your energy cycles and how we can create more energy

  • Calming techniques in the face of adversity

  • Memory Methods – understanding your own spectrum

Topics covered in the programme:

Developing inner confidence

Developing goals – your road map

Building positive habits

Listening Skills

Testing your assumptions

Tapping into your personality

Using Your Mind

Understanding your supporters

Creating time pockets

Obliterating those self-limiting beliefs

Say it, do it, remember it

Making memorable memories

The art of dissemination

Understand the power of your mind

How do we make it work?

At the start of the programme individuals are assessed on confidence, anxiety and the use of

processes to maximise their own performance prior to the course starting. During the

programme we assess current capability before and after the programme to assess impact.

Sessions are built into building blocks focusing on:


At the outset of the programme Clearview Minds will work closely with the dedicated team in

the school to ensure we provide a programme that really makes a difference to the pupils.

Our workshops are innovative, thought provoking and inspired – using a variety of learning tools to facilitate change… we assess at the beginning and end of the programme to show the impact our teaching can have on others. Interested then please contact in the first instance to learn more and book some time with a skilled facilitator.

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