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Life of an Intern

Are you currently in your final year of university? Trying to figure out what to do next? We've all been there, and there are many opportunities for you to exploit. From taking a year out to travel, to graduate schemes to internships, life after university can bring you great experiences. However today we focus on internships.

Internships are a great route to go down as not only do they expose you to professional environments, but they enable you to experience different industries as well as giving you vital work experience for that permanent job. Often internships lead to permanent posts too which also something to consider. You are not only gaining knowledge but you are also making vital connections for your career. In reality an internship is what you make it and the benefits can be endless if you apply yourself correctly.

On that note we thought it would be useful to ask some of the graduates we are working with presently on their experiences.

Today we focus on Hayden who is currently working for Renfrewshire Council. Here he is with one of his team at our 3I Assessment Centre Training Day. Come on down Hayden!

Profile : Hayden Crowe

1. How do your expectations of life after university compare with reality?

It has been tougher than I anticipated, I feel that for around a year after graduating a lack of relevant work experience had been stopping me from successfully gaining a graduate role.

2. What is great about being an intern?

For me the best thing is being able to put the skills I have gained throughout Uni into use and further build on them. With every project that I am working on in my internship I am thinking about how useful the skills and knowledge gained will be in moving into permanent employment and pursuing my future career. Another good thing is the help and experience that is offered to you from experienced colleagues; who are more than happy to help someone at the beginning of their career.

3.What is your role and your responsibilities in three lines?

Employability Programmes Intern; assisting the graduate intern coordinator, supporting intern recruitment process from advertising through to induction of successful candidates, evaluating programme delivery, and providing admin support.

4.What support and opportunities do you get for development?

Help from colleagues with job applications and reviews of my CV and Covering letters. Able to arrange mock interviews and can have time off to attend real interviews. I have also been offered development courses such as the 3I programme and IT awareness courses. Working within employability I am also able to attend all council employability events, including a recent jobs fair.

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

In 5 years’ time I see myself working in a role that I am passionate about, within the public or third sector, helping others either directly or indirectly to improve their quality of life.

What a great insight, don't you think? Thanks Hayden for your thoughts which give us some insight into an internship life.

Watch out for our next insight in the next few days.

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