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The 30 Day Challenge

Onto day eight of our 30 day challenge – It was Bethan’s Idea and as a newbie the rest of it thought well let’s give it a go! Of course in my enthusiasm I signed up to sugar free on all refined sugars and that was all down to me – I like a challenge! I have accepted that for the next 30 days I will KEEP TO THE PLAN! So as far as that change curve we all talk about I am at the acceptance stage!

Let me take you on my journey - the good days are in green!

  • Exuberant, enthusiastic and ecstatic that I signed up to the challenge – bring it on! 1st day a breeze and noted everything in my 30 days diary. I’ve even signed my other half to it too!

  • Day 2 still feeling great, not sure when the awful withdrawal pangs will kick in. Of course, it gives me a chance to compile a list of foods for the weekend shopping. Watching YouTube clips of Sugar Free Farm and sympathising with them all – when will the headaches kick in? Until then I fill myself up with the usual rabbit food! Yum and so healthy!

  • Day 3 spent over an hour in the supermarket scrutinising every food label in sight – horrified that bread, stock cubes, mayonnaise, crisps, readymade savoury sauces, popcorn(apart from one brand which you pay the same price for but get less in the packet), pitta bread to name but a few, all have added sugar. As for breakfast cereals apart from porridge the majority of the rest are off limits! Oh well, its more home cooking than usual – I’m up for that!

  • Day 4 cinema night – I end up munching on strawberries and cooked mangetout – but oh I am feeling smug!

  • Day 5 if I see another mushroom or baked potato I’ll scream and as for writing out how I am feeling forget it – I’m off to bed! I’m too tired to start making that homemade granola!

  • Day 6 – Though the fridge is full of so many healthy things I am still grumpy – I consider going for a long walk but my inner brain tells me I have no energy so I feast on natural yoghurt with lots of fruit, expensive popcorn with no added sugar and retire to bed frustrated, and as for that diary forget it – I'm just not in the mood!

  • Day 7 – packed day including office move so don’t get anything to eat until 3.45pm and have a bag of chips at a street kiosk – the chips have been cooked at least twice, salty, fatty and I feel the oil instantly going onto my hips. But for the moment a guilty pleasure – I mean there are no refined sugars there right? Can’t eat my real dinner and head to bed totally sluggish.

  • Day 8, today, scale results are good 4lbs down so far and have caught up on all my diary thoughts. With Easter coming I need to trap these feelings and bring them out when the kids are scoffing their chocolate eggs……………bring it on! If I can' t work NLP on myself there is something far wrong!

Tonight is about exploring new recipes! What challenging changes have you had to deal with recently? We’d love to hear your stories! Head over to our Twitter page to hear about the rest of our journey.

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