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A Day in the Life: Support Officer

Graduating from Glasgow Caledonian University in 2016, Amna was ready to take on the big, bad world of work! Qualifying in Business Management, a career within the world of education was the last thing on her mind, however fast forward a year or so and it would be fair to say that Amna is loving her role at Renfrewshire Council as a Support Worker for Children Services.

Holding down a part-time job at Glasgow Airport whilst working towards her qualifications held Amna in great stead for the wider world of work. Working within the customer-facing role allowed her to enhance her customer service knowledge and skillset, whilst developing her ability to effectively manage her time as she worked to balance her studies and employment responsibilities.

After graduating, Amna managed to secure an internship within the HR and Organisational Development department at Renfrewshire Council, enhancing her understanding of the industry and appreciation for full-time working life...

"After university I got a graduate internship with Renfrewshire Council in HR & OD. This internship really helped me learn about the world of work, I took part in various projects and was able to meet various stakeholders and really build my confidence. The internship really helped me understand the public sector and public sector policies."

Amna well and truly made her mark at Renfrewshire Council and after picking up the coveted prize of Young Achiever of the Year during her term as a graduate intern, began her current role as a Support Officer for Children Services.

Whilst she never imagined that her career path would take her towards employment within the education sector, Amna loves the fact that she's involved in making a difference within local schools. Working daily with the Education Managers and Development Officers, she is currently involved within a project that looks to close the poverty-related attainment gap in Renfrewshire, with her organisation and communication skills playing a key role in her contributions...

"You need to really plan as you can have various workstream meetings daily and you need to be organised with having the right agenda, meeting notes and the correct times. You also need good communication skills as sometimes you are working with young people who communicate very differently - they prefer to be involved in the project, making their voices heard."

Amna set herself up for a great career during her graduate internship with Renfrewshire Council and would recommend internship opportunities to recent graduates or those in their final years of study. Developing her understanding of the world of work and enhancing her knowledgebase and skillset, Amna hit the ground running and used her internship to make a great impression on her future employer...

"It's a great way to get experience and build confidence and it's also a great way to meet new people and learn about the world of work. The great thing about my internship was that I wasn't treated like an intern , I was treated the same as everyone in the office."

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Amna - we couldn't agree more! Internships are a great way to step into the world of work and embark on new adventures.

Just like Samantha, William and Hayden, Amna took part in our Graduate Employability Programme where she developed an enhanced understanding of self-promotion and job searching within the competitive graduate job market. For more information on our employability and skills development programmes, visit Our Services or contact us on Take that next step towards your future and remember to Think Different, Be Different!

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